Give an old bed linen another chance

Organic, a set of embroidered photo collages

Sophia Keller Girón

« A picture is a secret about a secret, the more it tells you the less you know»

This statement of the photographer Diane Arbus goes perfectly well with my embroided photo collages. It is an invitation to seek in them the dialogue  between the embroidery, the images of transforming compost and the fabric as an image carrier.

An old damask bed sheet, possibly washed a hundred times, is used as a print carrier for assembled compost photographs, embroidered and photographed again, giving it another chance to step into a new light.

Organic processes and their results fascinate me and I wish that this appreciation and enthusiasm can be felt when looking at my photo collages.

«Sustainably impressed by the diversity and abundance of fabrics, woven by the Mayans in Guatemala I wished to find out more. My soul was touched and being a textile arts teacher I started to learn some of these quite complex weaving techniques. Sitting outside, my backstrap loom attached to a tree and trying to get along with all the threads, I became aware of the profundity of this textile universe and experienced 

that beyond of every piece of wonderful fabric 

there are people with many stories to tell. 

My photocollages want to show you those

stories; they also are a tribute to Guatemala’s rich textile culture. Enjoy them and tell yourself

your own story!!!»

Texte, Übersetzungen und Fotos im Buch 

«Maya Textilien aus Guatemala  Kleider für die Seele» Gitta Hassler   Völkerkundemuseum der Universität Zürich  ISBN 3-89790-237-0     2006

Fotos im Katalog «Biennale Internationale de Fotografie Medalla Gaudi» Reus Spanien